BabyMe Boutique Joins the 20th Century!

Hello friend ~ and friend-to-be’s!

Joining the 20th century and the virtual, and virtual-social world comes slower to some of who still cherish all thing paper and pencil.  But I do acknowledge that the warm fuzzies I can get from a friendly :o) and maybe a “thumbs up” on the like button are just as genuine as the one I get from the stranger who let me step in front of her 20 minute overflowing shopping cart with my dainty, oh-so-quick loaf of bread at the supermarket!

Our small online childrens’ shop has been founded with simple truths and concepts ~ which we hold dear, and define who we are in the retail world ~ and our definition of success.

We realize that selling children’s clothing in itself will not change the world.  But we have chosen to run our business in a meaningful way.  Hopefully by sharing integrity, kindness, and love with each and every person we come in contact with we may make a difference every here and there in some tiny way.

And it is even funner when you get to play with things you love!  Children’s clothes!  Beautiful, artistic , unique creations ….  fashion …. babies …. kids …. colors …..    I mean truly ~ WOO HOO!  What’s not to love about what we do?

So welcome to BabyMe Boutique!  We hope to share little pearls of girls’ and boys’ fashion, kid trends, inspiring family moments, things we like to do together …. and whatever might seem appropriate.

Feel free to contact us at (888) 574-1224 or via e-mail at Sales {at} BabyMe {dot} cc .  And please come visit us online at: We’d love to meet you!

We are so glad you’re here! :o)

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