When it comes to kids fashion … who really knows her stuff?

I peruse many children’s fashion blogs, and have learned one simple truth:BabyMe Boutique Fans Vote on the best children's fashion blog

Many fashion writers just make this stuff up!

I’ve seen color predictions, silhouettes, and trends written about which have never, ever, come to pass (and thank goodness for most of them!).  And the “what’s hot” and “what’s not” coming from a gothic fan vs the social elite seem to occasionally be at odds (go figure).

But some people really do seem to know their stuff …. and I’m interested in finding and sharing them with my fashionably friendly and fun friends!

In the running for my favorite children’s fashion/ family interest blogs this month are:

le top blog

Le Top ~ For always having an interesting read (it doesn’t hurt that I love this brand for all sorts of good reasons)!  Not alway related just to fashion, they keep an eye on celebrity baby-hood as well as inspiring ideas for family time together.

Brookyln PapersTina Barry ~ Specializes in children’s fashion, and when she posts a column in the Brooklyn Paper it is always worth reading.  Only problem is, her articles are all over the internet UNDATED.  So reader beware … you may be getting a bit of fashion history instead of breaking trends if you find any references to her posts that are undated!

Fab Glance NashvilleFab Glance Nashville ~ Here’s a shout out to you girl!  I stumbled upon Melissa’s fashion blog and have been a fan ever since.  The lady lives and breathes fashion, including the most important demographic: children.  You never know what tidbit of fashionable wisdom you’ll find there!

And the most important criteria for who really is the best?   It’s not who know the biggest words, or who hob knobs with whom.  The truth is, the best depends completely on what you think!

Place your vote on the poll below ~ and/or vote on our FaceBook page by clicking the “like” button for your favorite here:  BabyMe Boutique’s Choose the Best Children’s Fashion Blog Page  (votes will be combined from both locations to determine the big winner … who will receive fame, more accolades from us, and a prestigious award for their wall).

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