When it comes to kids fashion … who really knows her stuff?

I peruse many children’s fashion blogs, and have learned one simple truth:BabyMe Boutique Fans Vote on the best children's fashion blog

Many fashion writers just make this stuff up!

I’ve seen color predictions, silhouettes, and trends written about which have never, ever, come to pass (and thank goodness for most of them!).  And the “what’s hot” and “what’s not” coming from a gothic fan vs the social elite seem to occasionally be at odds (go figure).

But some people really do seem to know their stuff …. and I’m interested in finding and sharing them with my fashionably friendly and fun friends!

In the running for my favorite children’s fashion/ family interest blogs this month are:

le top blog

Le Top ~ For always having an interesting read (it doesn’t hurt that I love this brand for all sorts of good reasons)!  Not alway related just to fashion, they keep an eye on celebrity baby-hood as well as inspiring ideas for family time together.

Brookyln PapersTina Barry ~ Specializes in children’s fashion, and when she posts a column in the Brooklyn Paper it is always worth reading.  Only problem is, her articles are all over the internet UNDATED.  So reader beware … you may be getting a bit of fashion history instead of breaking trends if you find any references to her posts that are undated!

Fab Glance NashvilleFab Glance Nashville ~ Here’s a shout out to you girl!  I stumbled upon Melissa’s fashion blog and have been a fan ever since.  The lady lives and breathes fashion, including the most important demographic: children.  You never know what tidbit of fashionable wisdom you’ll find there!

And the most important criteria for who really is the best?   It’s not who know the biggest words, or who hob knobs with whom.  The truth is, the best depends completely on what you think!

Place your vote on the poll below ~ and/or vote on our FaceBook page by clicking the “like” button for your favorite here:  BabyMe Boutique’s Choose the Best Children’s Fashion Blog Page  (votes will be combined from both locations to determine the big winner … who will receive fame, more accolades from us, and a prestigious award for their wall).

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for …


If you’re like many moms, having the kids out of school for the summer leaves you with a somewhat bittersweet feeling. Sure, it gives the kids a well-deserved break, but what about all the extra work for moms?! Well, we at BabyMe invite you to get back to basics with your kids by trying this simple recipe for chilly fun.
What child doesn’t like ice cream? And what child doesn’t enjoy getting a little crazy in the kitchen?   With this virtually mess free activity, you can take the break that you deserve while watching your children delight in the making of their very own sweet frozen goodness.
Here is the quick, easy…and delicious recipe which will keep your little ones busy on hot summer days. You will need:
1 large (3 lb.) container with a tight-fitting lid
1 small (12-16 oz.) container with a tight-fitting lid
2 cups of whole or 2% milk
½ cup of sugar or substitute’s equivalent
1 teaspoon vanilla
cubed or crushed ice
Let’s get started by combining the milk, sugar (or substitute) and vanilla in the small container (coffee containers are great for this). Stir it up and seal the lid tightly. Place this small container inside the larger container and pour ice around all sides until it is halfway full. Now, generously sprinkle salt all over the ice. Next, add more ice until the larger container is full. Then, add even more salt on top of the ice and seal it up.  Lastly, take it outside to be rolled all around for about 30 minutes (This is your break, so do something enjoyable).
The kids will have so much fun rolling the chilly wet container in anticipation of the cool reward inside!  You’re sure to appreciate their priceless expressions as they peek in on their yummy creation.  What a sweet sense of accomplishment for a child!  The delicious result is sure to leave them all screaming for ice cream again and again, so be prepared to take multiple 30 minute breaks…with plenty of time-outs for sampling! Now, isn’t summer sweet?
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BabyMe Boutique Joins the 20th Century!

Hello friend ~ and friend-to-be’s!

Joining the 20th century and the virtual, and virtual-social world comes slower to some of who still cherish all thing paper and pencil.  But I do acknowledge that the warm fuzzies I can get from a friendly :o) and maybe a “thumbs up” on the like button are just as genuine as the one I get from the stranger who let me step in front of her 20 minute overflowing shopping cart with my dainty, oh-so-quick loaf of bread at the supermarket!

Our small online childrens’ shop has been founded with simple truths and concepts ~ which we hold dear, and define who we are in the retail world ~ and our definition of success.

We realize that selling children’s clothing in itself will not change the world.  But we have chosen to run our business in a meaningful way.  Hopefully by sharing integrity, kindness, and love with each and every person we come in contact with we may make a difference every here and there in some tiny way.

And it is even funner when you get to play with things you love!  Children’s clothes!  Beautiful, artistic , unique creations ….  fashion …. babies …. kids …. colors …..    I mean truly ~ WOO HOO!  What’s not to love about what we do?

So welcome to BabyMe Boutique!  We hope to share little pearls of girls’ and boys’ fashion, kid trends, inspiring family moments, things we like to do together …. and whatever might seem appropriate.

Feel free to contact us at (888) 574-1224 or via e-mail at Sales {at} BabyMe {dot} cc .  And please come visit us online at: www.BabyMe.cc We’d love to meet you!

We are so glad you’re here! :o)

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